Considering selling a home after the death of a loved one…..

Death of a Loved One by Amy Brick Whether we’ve known for months that the end was on its way or if death comes without warning, the question we hear in our minds is “What next?” “ What do I do right now?”  The best advice I can give you is that most decisions do … Continue reading

More and More “Short Sales” aren’t shorting the first mortgage holder.

I just got off the phone with a homeowner who thought she was in a terrible situation, turns out, it’s a lot better than she thought. She has been holding on to this property for years, paying $1,000 a month out of her pocket, waiting for the market to get better. The great thing about … Continue reading

Multiple Offers and getting yours accepted!

In today’s market, it has quickly become a multiple offer situation on most, well priced housing.  What these means is, if the house is priced correctly, there will be sometimes upwards of 15 offers on the house.  Of course, there will always be a good 1/3 of the offers that will be thrown out of … Continue reading

Buying a home that isn’t on the market…

When you’re in the market to buy a house, you probably will drive through neighborhoods that are of interest to you.  In driving around, you may find yourself intrigued by a house that’s not on the market.  There have been many, many buyers who have purchased homes that weren’t already for sale.  If you find … Continue reading

What happens after a Short Sale? Where do I go?

The main question my clients ask me is “Where am I going to go after I sell my house?” I think so many of us think that in order to rent a house, we have to have perfect credit or a long job history.  Clearly, these are concerns for people who are transitioning out of … Continue reading