Are they really getting the prices they’re asking for?


What could your school do with $1,000?

Maybe they could buy Audio Visual Equipment, maybe a few iPads, maybe a program to help kids learn to read? The possibilities are endless…and the needs for funding in education is greater every day. This is our way of helping, One Brick at a Time.

What could your school do with $1,000?

  As we get ready to send the kids back to school tomorrow in Whittier/ La Habra and in the next few weeks in other areas, we want to remind you about our “Realtors 4 Schools” program. It’s a simple program, to help provide some additional funds to our schools. When you list and sell … Continue reading

How about $1,000 for your school???

Helping Schools, One Escrow at a Time

Helping Schools, One Escrow at a Time.

Helping Schools, One Escrow at a Time

As Summer comes to a close, we look towards getting back in gear, getting kids back in school and going back to “normal”. What does “normal” look like in schools up and down California? The new normal means asking parents to donate reams of paper, lined paper, glue, crayons and the like for the new … Continue reading

Dealing with our loved ones “things” after death

Dealing With a Loved One’s Belongings After Their Death      After the loss of a loved one, there is one task that is typically the most emotional of all – dealing with the belongings of the deceased. For many people, sorting and organizing their loved one’s personal property can seem like an insurmountable task when … Continue reading

Maybe they haven’t caught him yet….

In light of yesterday’s arrest of a male suspected of attempting to kidnap an 18 year old girl in the 6700 block of Greenleaf, we might all be breathing a sigh of relief today. Perhaps we should wait on letting our guards down just yet. From the amount of Police presence I have seen just … Continue reading


Protecting your children from harm….. It’s never too soon to review safety measures with your children. The biggest take away from this list is teach your children to GET AWAY from a would be abdcutor. There have been SIX instances of attempted kidnapping in Whittier in a little over 5 weeks. Tell your children to … Continue reading

Home prices have gone up 6.1 percent on homes that are “Regular” Sales

Today’s Whittier Daily News reports that home sales have risen 6.1 percent for homes that are not in distress, meaning for homes owned by individuals (not banks) who have equity.  This is a great news for the seller who may be on the fence.  This increase is on homes sold between July 2011 and this … Continue reading