Helping Schools, One Escrow at a Time

As Summer comes to a close, we look towards getting back in gear, getting kids back in school and going back to “normal”. What does “normal” look like in schools up and down California? The new normal means asking parents to donate reams of paper, lined paper, glue, crayons and the like for the new school year. Schools no longer have the money to pay their teacher well or provide the basics that were provided to most of us as we moved thought the educational system. There is a great need for more money at the local levels in our schools.

To that end, Brick & Co. Real Estate created the “Realtors 4 Schools” campaign. It is a very simple solution to get more money into our schools. Each time a homeowner sells their home with us, under this campaign we will donate $1,000 to the school of the seller’s choice. This can be any type of school, at any grade level. It’s our small way of helping the next generation of homeowners. For more info, call send us a message or call (562) 693-7011 . BRE 01856287

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