Maybe they haven’t caught him yet….


In light of yesterday’s arrest of a male suspected of attempting to kidnap an 18 year old girl in the 6700 block of Greenleaf, we might all be breathing a sigh of relief today. Perhaps we should wait on letting our guards down just yet. From the amount of Police presence I have seen just in a short drive around Whittier this morning, it seems as though the police don’t think they have their guy. I saw no less than 6 police vehicles cruising around the Quad this morning and several other cars around Uptown.

In yesterday’s incident, the man befriended the girl and after spending several hours with her, accosted her in an alley. Yesterday’s post cautioned kids (or young adults) from walking in alleys. I hope others heed this advice.

I took the opportunity to role play with my daughter last night. I pretended to grab her and we practiced her yelling and biting me. She was a little too realistic with the biting! But, at least she knows what to do. Hopefully, the guy has been caught, but it’s good to review these tips anyway.


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